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Mission 01. Clean Energy

We will never meet the objectives under the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 for increasing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy access if we continue down our current energy path.

That's why here at BIDE Market we made the easy choice to support clean energy with with our friends at Hero Power and asking you to do the same at no extra cost, long-term contract, or fee. And if substantially reducing your carbon footprint isn't enough, we'd love to offer your household or company FREE tickets to BIDE Market all year! 

Hero Power offers Illinois residents a transparent and trustworthy way to help renewable energy now.

How's it works? You keep paying ComEd the same amount and keep your current electric service, but now ComEd pays Hero Power instead of the fossil fuel industry. Hero Power then purchases enough Renewable Electricity Certificates to match 100% of your electricity consumption. By purchasing RECs, Hero Power ensures that the Osage Municipal Utilities Wind Farm earns the money for the clean power they are producing and continues their fight for renewable energy.

Keep in mind, I assumed this whole process would take days and someone would have to come in and literally change my service. I also assumed I could never support clean energy as a renter. I can now humbly admit I was wrong and want to share this message with everyone... Signing up for Hero Power for both my home and business was so easy, I wish I knew about this sooner. We all want to do our part to help clean energy and get off fossil fuels, so I hope you take advantage of this incredible free offer today!


 Parisa, CEO + Founder

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